Wrapping a Tesla? Read This First

Zach Wraps and Tesla Logo

Wrapping a Tesla? Read This First

Zach Wraps and Tesla Logo
If you have a Tesla at home and it isn’t wrapped yet, what are you waiting for? Vinyl wraps are the premier way to stylize and protect your car’s exterior, all for an affordable price! At a fundamental level, a vinyl wrap is an adhesive film that is applied to parts or the entire exterior of your vehicle. These wraps are customizable in material, pattern, color, and more! Besides looking awesome, vinyl wraps serve as a tough layer of protection between your car’s body and the dangers of the road and other cars. A vinyl wrap is essentially a cheaper, tougher, more customizable and, frankly, cooler paint job.
Tesla Logo
Tesla’s in particular excel with vinyl wraps. Part of this stems from the fact that Tesla’s generally aren’t seen like a standard car. The sleek designs of all Tesla models creates a futuristic look that has contributed towards Tesla’s success in the market. Nothing takes away from the crisp, clean, futuristic look of a Tesla like scratches, dents, and other misfortunes that break up the smooth finish and tantalizing curves. Vinyl wraps are absolutely perfect for preventing these little damages! Plus, if you scratch your vinyl wrap, these adhesive films are very easy to replace while your Tesla’s body remains untouched underneath. Not only does the vinyl make your Tesla look great from day 1, but the film also maintains the value of the car over the years of use!

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Each car brand and model within generally comes with their own quirks when applying a vinyl wrap. Here are the different Tesla models and their little quirks:

The Model 3 tends to be the most popular model of Tesla on the road today. For these reasons, vinyl professionals usually have experience wrapping these models and can usually tackle the task with more efficiency and better results. Being the smallest model, too, contributes towards less material and a lower price point to wrap.

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