Wrapping a Mercedes Benz? Read This First

Wrapping a Mercedes Benz? Read This First

Why Do People Wrap Mercedes Benzes?

Few other car brands ooze class quite like a Mercedes Benz! From the beautifully shaped cars to the iconic logo on the front, there is a feeling of higher class associated with MBs. Color and contour are extremely important for the high-class vibe; any bumps and scratches take away from that desired Mercedes Benz aesthetic. This is where vinyl car wraps come in!

Vinyl wraps are applied to Mercedes Benz not only because of the insane variety of colors, patterns, and aesthetics they offer, but the protective coat that they create over the body of your car. For minor bumps and scratches, the vinyl wrap will absorb damages and protect your vehicle below. Plus, a vinyl wrap can be easily removed and reapplied should the scratches accumulate or you want to change your color. 

And all this takes place without diminishing the value of your vehicle. Cars that are wrapped will sell for a higher value than those not. The protective value of the wrap, from not only bumps and scratches, but also sun damage, is hard to understate.

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Ford Falcon with matte silver vinyl wrap

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Each model of Mercedes Benz will have their own quirks and features that come into play when applying vinyl wraps. For best results, seek out an individual who has experience with their hands of MBs.

The EQB SUV is one of the larger models of Mercedes available on the market. This calls for more material and more labor, usually. The EQB SUV also has a larger area of trim than most other models along the bottoms and front, which will likely have to be removed to produce the best looking results

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