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Transform Your Work Vehicle with Professional Car & Fleet Wrapping in North Carolina

If your business is located in North Carolina and you are looking to give your fleet a fresh new look, consider branding your car with custom wrapping! Our team of expert installers can wrap your fleet of commercial vehicles in any color or design you choose, giving your vehicle a unique and professional style. Get in touch with us today to schedule your car wrap consultation and give your ride the makeover it deserves!

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Commercial Dump Truck with Company Logo Vinyl Wrap

Truck & Fleet Vehicle Wrapping

At Zach Wraps, we take pride in delivering top-quality car wrapping services to our customers in North Carolina. Want to learn more about how we transform vehicles with our wraps? Click on the link below to visit our “Our Process” page and discover the detailed steps we take to ensure a seamless and flawless installation. From consultation to final inspection, we’ve got you covered.
Mikro Food Truck with matte black vinyl wrap and company logo vinyl wrap

Food Trucks / Larger Vehicles

Looking to breathe new life into your commercial vehicle fleet? A custom vinyl wrap is the most cost-effective way to completely revamp your business’s look while letting the world know what you represent. Draw customers to your vehicle and get the word out that you mean business. Our high-quality, personalized wraps not only will dramatically increase business impressions, but also serve as a layer of protection for your commercial vehicle keeping you on the road longer and with more success! Schedule an appointment with Zach Wraps today to get started!

Mikro Food Truck with matte black vinyl wrap and company logo vinyl wrap
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van with Matte Light Green Vinyl Wrap

Sprinter Vans

Sprinter vans are an extremely popular vehicle for a variety of businesses. Make your van stand out from the crowd with a vinyl wrap from Zach Wraps! With so many sprinter vans already on the streets, make yours unique and represent you with a personalized vinyl wrap. Dramatically increase your number of impressions by scheduling an appointment and getting your van vinyl wrapped at Zach Wraps today!

Toyota Tacoma with Company Logo Vinyl Wrap

Truck Wraps – Gloss, Matte, and Satin Vinyl Wraps

Is your truck in need of a new look? Zach Wraps provides a host of vinyl wrap options including gloss, matte, and satin finishes to completely transform your vehicle. Pull in to job sites looking and feeling professional all while protecting your vehicle for years to come with the personalized, professional, and protective nature of vinyl wraps installed by Zach Wraps. Schedule your appointment today to get started on your wrap journey!

Toyota Tacoma with Company Logo Vinyl Wrap

Hood / Roof / Bumper Wraps

A great bang for your buck, simple hood/roof/bumper wraps go a long way towards vitalizing a commercial vehicle. Whether you’re looking for an added layer of protection for your vehicle with a bumper wrap or looking to increase impressions through a personalized hood, a hood/roof/bumper wrap may be just what your vehicle needs! Contact Zach Wraps today to get started and see the dramatic array of options that could be yours.

Ford Excursion with Gloss Black Vinyl Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete – Window Trims (Top and Bottom)

Details matter– send a message with the clean, professional, sleek look of chrome delete window trims. Lose the standard chrome window finish on your vehicles and stand out through attention to detail. Especially when you’re repping your business, have your vehicle show your dedication to detail and professionalism. Schedule a chrome delete with Zach Wraps today to see what all the hype is about!

Ford Excursion with Gloss Black Vinyl Chrome Delete
Commercial Trailer with Gloss Blue Vinyl Wrap and Company Logo Vinyl Wrap

Specialty Trailers

Looking to turn your commercial trailer into a mobile billboard? Reach out to Zach Wraps and let our skilled team enhance your business visibility with a professional trailer wrap! Convert your trailer into a powerful advertising tool with our high-quality, visually appealing wraps that replace the traditional paint job. Make your brand noticeable and impactful wherever your trailer goes by leveraging our custom designs that align with your brand image. Schedule your appointment today and get ready to maximize your business reach with Zach Wraps’ commercial trailer wrap experience.

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Ford Falcon with matte silver vinyl wrap
Want to give your car a fresh new look without breaking the bank? Zach Wraps is here to help! We’re currently offering a chance for one lucky winner to receive a FREE car wrap for their vehicle. All you have to do is enter your email address into the form below. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – enter now and let us help you transform your ride! Winner is drawn when 2,500 unique entries have been submitted. Void where prohibited.


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Google Reviews

Kristy Casey
Kristy Casey
Precision work, excellent customer service, and very talented!!
Vince Sabatino
Vince Sabatino
Great prices as well as great service. Zach has been providing a lot of help to the community, and I wouldn’t want to get my vehicle wrapped anywhere else
Mandi Cook
Mandi Cook
Zach Wraps is the best! He was very accommodating and professional! I had a small job, blacked out some chrome and I couldn’t be happier. Would HIGHLY recommend!
Scott Barbour
Scott Barbour
Just had our 2024 gt mustang striped by Zach. We discussed what we envisioned doing to the car and he nailed it. He stays very busy but turn around time was 24 hours. We would highly recommend Zach and if we ever need work done again, we will definitely return for service. He also installed a new spoiler on our car at no extra cost.
Jason Early
Jason Early
The truck I brought Zach’s Wraps had extremely deteriorated vinyl. Zach and his team removed it and installed new vinyl. I know it couldn’t have been easy to remove it. They stuck to the price and timeframe we agreed on, and did an exceptional job installing the new wrap. Highly recommend!
brion stultz
brion stultz
Thanks Zach. Great job on my Ridgeline bed cap. Looking forward to the ceramic tinting!
Colby Kirkman
Colby Kirkman
Zach did a fantastic job! Absolutely love my truck and he was such a huge help throughout the process. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with Zach Wraps, would always recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions

We find it hard to understate just how effective vinyl wraps and mobile advertising are to a business. In a single day, one wrapped vehicle can generate between 30,000 and 80,000

impressions by itself. And not only that, but the cost associated with a vinyl wrap makes it one of the cheapest, cost-effective forms of outdoor advertising, full stop. What’s more, you create these impressions all while driving; it really doesn’t get much easier to get the word out about your business!

Vinyl wraps have emerged as a dominant force over paint for a few key reasons. For one, vinyl wraps are cheaper. A professional paint job can cost double the amount as a professional vinyl wrap job. What’s more, the vinyl wrap job will be done in a few days compared to the much longer down time associated with a paint job. Furthermore, vinyl wraps provide a layer of protection to preserve your existing paint job and body, which increases resale value later all while preventing scratches and weathering in the short term.

With the proper equipment, a vinyl wrap can be extremely easy to remove. This removal process, if done right, will not damage the underlying paint job. This fact is especially important should you need to resell your vehicle or return it; a vinyl wrap will increase the resale value of your vehicle compared to one that isn’t vinyl wrapped.

With our high quality materials and professional installation process at Zach Wraps, we usually see our wraps lasting about five to seven years. With our meticulous approach to obtaining high quality materials and precision approach to installation, we ensure to give you a long lasting vinyl wrap that looks fantastic!

Due to their protective nature shielding your vehicle’s body against the outside elements, vinyl wraps effectively prevent rust from ever being able to form. Your vehicle essentially lives in a protective bubble created by the vinyl wrap that, barring significant vehicle damage, will keep the underlying vehicle pristine from scratches and damage caused by weathering.