Car & Vehicle Wrap Aftercare

Extend the life of your car, truck, or other vehicle wrap by reading our Aftercare Guide

Learn How to Take Care of Your New Car Wrap

The wrap protects your car and you need to protect the wrap. To maintain that beautiful first day sparkle that Zach Wraps provides, there are some basic maintenance techniques that will increase the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your car’s new look; this page aims to educate you on these practices. Come and see why more people are choosing Zach Wraps to protect and transform their car! Understand what you’ll need to do to maintain your wrap and contact us today to get started!

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The Aftercare Process of Vehicle Wrapping

Wraps protect your car’s exterior while also providing some great aesthetics to your vehicle. Partake in the brief maintenance practices outlined above to extend the life and appeal of your new wrap. We at Zach Wraps want your wrap to look great when you walk out the door, but also a year later as well. Our process plus your maintenance is the perfect mix to achieve this goal. Fill out a lead form today to get started!

After Care

Hand washing car

Hand washing

Hand washing will always be our top suggestion, but you can utilize automated brushless/touchless car washes as well. Your car’s wrap will accumulate dirt and debris just as you would without a wrap. To maintain the polished look that Zach Wraps provides, you’ll need to do occasional cleaning of the surface. Hand washes are the most gentle; avoid anything that will tug and tear at your car wrap like an automated car wash that utilizes big, rough brushes.

Detailing exterior of car

Spot cleaning

Isopropyl alcohol can be a fantastic cleaning agent! For small spot cleans, isopropyl is a great way for you to clean and decontaminate your wrap, though it becomes less practical at larger scales.

Spot cleaning car
Pre-rinsing car


A rinse of your car will quickly remove any loose dirt that is stuck on the wrap. Removing this initial dirt will speed up the cleaning process as you can then focus on smaller spot cleanings that require more attention.

Cleaning up vinyl wrap around edges

Pressure washers

Pressure washers are a great way to clean your wrap, provided you keep the pressure settings low, which is under 2,000 PSI. Higher pressure can cause damage to your car’s exterior and should be avoided. Pressure washing your wrap is a great way to remove loose dirt and expose the beautiful color underneath.


Harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals and a clean, shining wrap don’t mix. Such chemicals can eat away at the wrap and leave it looking less than perfect. If you want your wrap to be shinier, you can purchase a warp specific detail spray to get that extra pop.

Cleaning surface with microfiber cloth

The best time to wash your car

The best time to wash your car is when it appears contaminated and dirty. Excessive washing will only expose your wrap to more wear and tear. The best rule is simple: when your car looks dirty, give it a wash.

Drying with microfiber towels

Drying & microfiber towels

Microfiber towels provide a gentle way to remove excess water once the vehicle has been cleaned. Again, nothing sharp or harsh is rubbing and wearing down your wrap. Be gentle, and your Zach Wraps will continue to look brand new.

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Kimberly Woodall
Kimberly Woodall
Highly impressed with Zach’s work! Amazing, flawless and right on time! Would refer to anyone!!
Thomas Peter Iezin
Thomas Peter Iezin
Really amazing service. Zach is a great dude, quality work, and most importantly he cares about you and you can tell he is personally invested in each project.
Bethany Mounce
Bethany Mounce
Great experience. Professional, timely and quality work.
Mariah Faria
Mariah Faria
AMAZING WORK! Would 1000% recommend
Merrick Loveland
Merrick Loveland
Zach did an awesome job on some trim for my daughter's car. We were in a situation that needed a quick turnaround and he turned it around quick with quality work. Now I'm looking for more stuff to wrap. LoL
Anna Smith
Anna Smith
Got a custom vinyl graphic on the Jeep, Zach was professional, reasonable and went the extra mile.
Rhonda Kunz
Rhonda Kunz
Zach was amazing to work with ! Our trailer turned out great ! Highly recommend Zach Wraps !!!
Zach’s work was second to none with incredible attention to detail. He was able to fit me in short notice and even made some custom pieces with the vinyl I brought. If you need vinyl done right give he’s place a try, you won’t be disappointed. Worth the drive and the money…finally found a shop for vinyl that I can trust.
Anya Harms
Anya Harms
I am SO HAPPY with my wrap! Zach is great, above and beyond customer service, friendly and professional. His workmanship is phenomenal, excellent attention to detail. My husband and I were looking at a few places to get our car wrapped, and Zach's prices were in line with other shops. We were impressed that Zach was much more communicative than anyone from the other shops, plus he was able to get our wrap ordered right away and started as soon as it arrived. He also offers a range of customizations like embossing and badge wrapping. If you're considering a wrap and hesitant, I 100% recommend going for it. All my hesitation evaporated when I saw it. It took my pretty basic but practical crossover and gave it a Personality. I LOVE IT! Thank you Zach!
Tyler J
Tyler J
Wrap looks amazing and the work was very quick. Will definitely be back!