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The Process to Get Started with Zach Wraps

We at Zach Wraps know what it takes to create clean, professional vinyl wrapping for any vehicle. You can choose between different colors and designs or elect to use a clear film to maintain the color of your vehicle underneath. No matter what you choose, vinyl wraps protect and seal your car from the harsh elements of the road and weather, which increases the lifespan of your car’s appearance. Fill out a lead form to get started in the Zach Wraps process today!
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The Vehicle Wrapping Process

Your car is essentially an extension of you; a neat, well kept car exterior shows people you’re professional and care about your image. However, everything on the roads from the other drivers to the pebbles to the sun are constantly eating away at your paint job and your car’s image. Preemptively protect your car with a highly customizable vinyl wrap from the professionals at Zach Wraps! Read about our meticulous wrapping process below and get connected with us today to get your car customized and protected!

Our Process

Bucket with soapy water for cleaning

Properly prepare and plan for the process of wrapping the car

Car wrapping takes a set of skills, equipment, and a professional eye that not everyone has. The results from Zach Wraps speak for themselves in the cleanliness and professionalism that oozes off the vinyl.
Detailing exterior of car

Decontaminate and clean the outside of the car

For the best results, all debris, no matter the size, must be removed from the car’s surface to allow the vinyl to closely hug the paint. This step is extremely important to the final product; any cut corners in this step will be noticed later in the form of bumps and inconsistencies. To ensure all debris is removed, we utilize the following:

  • Foam Baths
  • Clay Bars
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
Detailing exterior of car
Blowing off dirt and water

Blow off any excess water and dry the vehicle

Water needs to be removed from the surface in order for a clean connection of vinyl on the car. Besides utilizing a towel, we wait about 12 hours in order for any remaining water in small crevices to evaporate leaving a completely dry surface.
Car trim being prepped for vinyl wrap

While drying, the car is disassembled at certain areas to ensure a tight wrap across the entire car

To get the clean and crisp looking car wrap, some car features need to be temporarily removed. You need a professional to make sure that this step isn’t skipped and that the car can be properly put back together afterwards. The parts disassembled include: 

  • Door handles
  • Antennas
  • Sometimes bumpers, depending on the car and the wrap selected.
Car trim being prepped for vinyl wrap
Measuring vinyl wrap application area

Take measurements and always leave a little extra vinyl

You can always cut away excess vinyl, but if you don’t have enough, there are major problems. We don’t cut corners here and our wraps look fantastic because of this.

Cleaning surface with microfiber cloth

Double check the area is clean, wipe down with 99% isopropyl alcohol, and apply the film

Yes, the cleanliness of the car’s surface prior to applying the film is that important to us. Because we strive to provide the best wrapping job possible, this step must be taken seriously.

Cleaning surface with microfiber cloth
Removing air bubbles from brown vinyl wrap

Squeegee out any air and cut the film to the correct size

This step presses the vinyl onto the car and begins to show the final product. All cuts must be precise and made with extreme caution to prevent any cutting to the vehicle below while also making sure there is enough vinyl to cover the surface. A steady hand and experience is a must for the best results.

Arrow point to closely sealed vinyl wrap

Once cut, tuck in all edges to seal them in while applying heat for a uniform, clean seal

Using a heat gun, the wrap is closely sealed to the surface of the car, preventing any peeling. All corners of the car are gone over to eliminate any blemishes and to create the uniform appearance that our professional car wraps have.

Arrow point to closely sealed vinyl wrap
Porche with Hood Wrap

The wrapping process takes between 5 to 7 days depending on the size of the vehicle

To create the best product, time is needed to ensure the surfaces are clean, all air is squeezed out, and each corner is properly sealed. Large vehicles will require more time and attention to achieve the final product.

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Kristy Casey
Kristy Casey
Precision work, excellent customer service, and very talented!!
Vince Sabatino
Vince Sabatino
Great prices as well as great service. Zach has been providing a lot of help to the community, and I wouldn’t want to get my vehicle wrapped anywhere else
Mandi Cook
Mandi Cook
Zach Wraps is the best! He was very accommodating and professional! I had a small job, blacked out some chrome and I couldn’t be happier. Would HIGHLY recommend!
Scott Barbour
Scott Barbour
Just had our 2024 gt mustang striped by Zach. We discussed what we envisioned doing to the car and he nailed it. He stays very busy but turn around time was 24 hours. We would highly recommend Zach and if we ever need work done again, we will definitely return for service. He also installed a new spoiler on our car at no extra cost.
Jason Early
Jason Early
The truck I brought Zach’s Wraps had extremely deteriorated vinyl. Zach and his team removed it and installed new vinyl. I know it couldn’t have been easy to remove it. They stuck to the price and timeframe we agreed on, and did an exceptional job installing the new wrap. Highly recommend!
brion stultz
brion stultz
Thanks Zach. Great job on my Ridgeline bed cap. Looking forward to the ceramic tinting!
Colby Kirkman
Colby Kirkman
Zach did a fantastic job! Absolutely love my truck and he was such a huge help throughout the process. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with Zach Wraps, would always recommend!