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Transform Your Aquatic Vehicle with Professional Vinyl Wrapping in North Carolina

If you’re located in North Carolina and are looking to revitalize your aquatic vehicle, consider getting it vinyl wrapped! The expert vinyl team at Zach Wraps have years of experience with all sorts of aquatic vehicles including but not limited to boats, yachts, jet skis, and more. Get in touch with us today to schedule your vinyl wrap consultation and to reimagine your ride!

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Boat/Marine Wrapping

At Zach Wraps, we take pride in only using the top-quality materials from trusted brands alongside a steady hand for application. If you’d like to learn more about our process, visit the “Our Process” page to discover the details behind a vinyl operation and what your boat will experience while getting a makeover.

Gloss, Matte, and Satin Wraps

For a fresh new look on the water, explore the vast world of vinyl colors and finishes. Between a shiny finish with gloss vinyl or a dull finish with a matte wrap, there is the perfect design for you and your aesthetic available. At Zach Wraps, since we only use the highest quality materials with meticulous installation, you can expect your vinyl wrap to last for years to come.

Boat Wraps

Whether you reimagine your fishing boat with the latest and greatest camouflage to blend in or you want racing stripes on that nice speed boat to enhance the speed aesthetic, vinyl wraps are perfect for revitalizing any boat. Especially in such a harsh environment as on the water, with the sun beating down from above and waves crashing into the side, having a little extra protection on your boat in the form of a vinyl wrap can go a long way towards preserving a great look and maintaining the value of your watercraft.

Yacht Wraps

For yachts, larger boats, vinyl is a great option to design! Vinyl being so versatile in application means that an expert, like those here at Zach Wraps, can work with any size or shape that comes through the door. No matter how big your yacht, Zach Wraps has the answer. Keep that fancy, expensive boat looking brand new for years to come with the protective, aesthetic nature of marine vinyl wraps. 

Jet Ski Wraps

For smaller crafts on the water, vinyl is still a great option to breathe new life into your vehicle. Jet skis are no expectation; they can make for great wrapping candidates due to their smaller size and their flashy nature. Nothing looks cooler than a fast, clean-looking, polished jet ski whipping around the water. With so many colors and finishes to choose from, your dream jet ski is only a vinyl wrap away.

Partial or Full Wraps

When outfitting a vehicle with a wrap, you’ll have a ton of choices. Besides just a multitude of colors and finishes to pick from, there is also great customizability in where you choose to apply your wraps. With partial or full wraps available, you can completely deck out your boat in a new color with a full wrap, or just apply a cool design down the side with a partial wrap. The sky’s the limit when it comes to wrapping boats, if you can dream it, we can do it!

Marine Wrap Aftercare

As with any vinyl wrapping job, aftercare is always important for extending the longevity and performance of your wrap. Best practices for this include sheltering your wrapped boat from the sun when not in use to prevent premature fading, regular hand washing to ensure the wrap stays clean of debris, and replacing imperfections as they arise. With proper care, you can expect years from your vinyl wrap while preserving your boat’s paint and body underneath.

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Kristy Casey
Kristy Casey
Precision work, excellent customer service, and very talented!!
Vince Sabatino
Vince Sabatino
Great prices as well as great service. Zach has been providing a lot of help to the community, and I wouldn’t want to get my vehicle wrapped anywhere else
Mandi Cook
Mandi Cook
Zach Wraps is the best! He was very accommodating and professional! I had a small job, blacked out some chrome and I couldn’t be happier. Would HIGHLY recommend!
Scott Barbour
Scott Barbour
Just had our 2024 gt mustang striped by Zach. We discussed what we envisioned doing to the car and he nailed it. He stays very busy but turn around time was 24 hours. We would highly recommend Zach and if we ever need work done again, we will definitely return for service. He also installed a new spoiler on our car at no extra cost.
Jason Early
Jason Early
The truck I brought Zach’s Wraps had extremely deteriorated vinyl. Zach and his team removed it and installed new vinyl. I know it couldn’t have been easy to remove it. They stuck to the price and timeframe we agreed on, and did an exceptional job installing the new wrap. Highly recommend!
brion stultz
brion stultz
Thanks Zach. Great job on my Ridgeline bed cap. Looking forward to the ceramic tinting!
Colby Kirkman
Colby Kirkman
Zach did a fantastic job! Absolutely love my truck and he was such a huge help throughout the process. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with Zach Wraps, would always recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions​

Using vinyl for wrapping your boat not only gives you more options aesthetically with the multitude of colors and finishes available, but is also cheaper than a full paint job. What’s more, a vinyl wrap goes further than just aesthetics by providing a layer of protection over the original paint job, making maintenance easier, and preserving the resale value of your boat at the same time. 

Depending on maintenance and other general wear and tear, you can expect a marine wrap to last from 3 to 5 years in a marine environment. The marine environment is notoriously harsh with the elements from above and below constantly beating down on your boat. Vinyl provides a barrier to these damaging elements, and can easily be replaced when the time is right. 

The best care for maintaining a boat wrap is regular hand washing to remove salt and other debris from the boat. When not in use, provide shade for the boat to keep the vinyl from baking in the sun. If possible, take your boat out of the water when not in use to prevent extra wear and tear while idle. Again, regular hand washing of your boat is a great practice here to keep your boat looking good as new. 

For best results, dry-docking your boat for vinyl is generally recommended. However, unlike painting and polishing, applying marine vinyl is a relatively quick process meaning that your boat will not have to spend weeks in a dry-dock waiting to dry. The vinyl application can have your boat back in the water in only a few days.

With vinyl wraps, there are very little design limitations. Between all the colors, finishes, and premade designs, there is a tremendous amount of customizability when vinyl wrapping your boat. Generally speaking, you can get the entire vessel covered. However, many people opt to only wrap down to the water line as material constantly submerged in water will accumulate damages quicker than the material above.