A Guide to Partial Wraps: Hood, Roof, and Bumper

Toyota Supra with matte black vinyl hood wrap

A Guide to Partial Wraps: Hood, Roof, and Bumper

Toyota Supra with matte black vinyl hood wrap

Introduction to Partial Wraps

In the world of vehicle wraps, not everyone wants or needs the full vehicle experience. For various reasons, such as the need for partial protection or budgetary constraints, partial wraps are a great option to add a wrap somewhere to your vehicle.

Wraps have gained major popularity because they provide not just a great, customizable aesthetic, but they add layers of protection to your vehicle against the damages of the sun, the road, and other vehicles. If they aren’t getting a full wrap, people gravitate towards areas that are more susceptible to damage. This translates towards more hood and roof wraps to prevent the sun damage, and bumper wraps to prevent or seal over any scratches from rocks and other drivers getting to close.

Read on to see the advantages that each of these wraps can provide along with some of the aesthetics that are available. We’ll examine how to maintain your wrap, and decide if you want to wrap the vehicle yourself or get in contact with a professional wrapping service.

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Ford Falcon with matte silver vinyl wrap

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Hood Wraps

Popular Styles

Hood wraps are extremely popular partial wraps. The hood is front and center on your vehicle while it receives plenty of sun creating an area often seen and often damaged. A hood wrap is a great way to create a tremendous aesthetic and protect it at the same time. 

Hood wraps can contain all sorts of designs and images. Custom graphics and logos can be applied along with custom color schemes. Hood wraps come in a variety of finishes as well including matte and gloss, which allows for further customization.

Toyota Hood Before-min

Toyota Hood Before

Toyota Hood After-min

Toyota Hood After

Installation Process

To install a hood wrap, surface preparation is a key first step. This includes a thorough cleaning and drying of your hood to remove any debris or other imperfections that would impede the fit. From there, using the tools of the trade including a heat gun and a squeegee, methodically work your way around the hood of the car pressing and sealing your wrap onto the vehicle. Make sure all edges are covered and wrapped around, and that any air bubbles are pushed out.

Roof Wraps

Popular Styles

As far as roof wraps go, people tend to gravitate towards the aesthetics of carbon fiber wraps or contrasting colors and designs. Both ways create a new, unique look to your vehicle that presents your choices proudly. Carbon fiber will come in dark grays, while more traditional vinyl wraps can be found with a multitude of colors to choose from.

While not always the most visible part of your vehicle, depending on the size of your car, the roof receives a tremendous amount of wear and tear from the sun above it. A roof wrap is a great way to keep your car looking fresh as ever regardless of time spent outside.

Rivian Roof Before-min

Rivian Roof Before

Rivian Roof After-min

Rivian Roof After

Rivian Roof After Full-min

Rivian Roof After Full

Maintenance and Care

To maintain the new car look provided by a partial wrap, regular cleaning should be involved. For best results, hand cleaning your wrap will increase its longevity. Machine-powered car washes will tear at the wrap, which will drastically reduce its durability. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect a partial wrap to last for years, if not a decade.

Kia Bumper Before-min

Kia Bumper Before

Kia Bumper During

Kia Bumper After

Durability and Protection

Bumpers are arguably the most at-risk piece on your car for collecting damages. Between other drivers scratching you, rocks spraying up from the road, or salt damages that come in northern winters all eat away at the look and protection of your car. A bumper wrap is a way to counteract this.

Not only can a bumper wrap cover up any previous scratches or decay from weather, but they are going to create a more resistant bumper to these damages in the future. With an extra layer of skin around your bumpers that is easily replaceable such as a vinyl bumper wrap, you can accumulate bumper damage worry free and keep your car looking good.

DIY vs Professional Installation

A big choice when getting your vehicle wrapped is deciding whether to wrap yourself or seek the services of a professional.

When to Choose a Professional Service

If you find yourself without the times or the skills to wrap yourself, a professional car wrapping service is the way to go. Not only will a professional service remove the burden from yourself, but the end product will undoubtedly be better. This means that the wrap will look better on day one, but also exhibit longer longevity and durability over time.

Cost Considerations

Estimating Your Budget

When finding the best wrap option for you, consider your budget. The more of your vehicle you wrap, the more expensive the operation will be; partial wraps will be much cheaper. Consider what material you want to use for your wrap; carbon fiber will be more expensive compared to a simple gloss vinyl option. Wrapping your vehicle yourself is also a great way to further cut costs if your budget is pressed.

Return on Investment

A great advantage to a vehicle wrap is that it absorbs damages before they reach your car’s body. This translates to vehicle wraps working to maintain the value of your vehicle and decrease depreciation. Thus, with the value kept overtime with a wrapped car, you are looking at long-term savings compared to needing repairs and a new paint job prior to resale.

Partial Wrap Conclusion

Partial wraps are a no-brainer when you boil it down. Not only do you have tremendous customization options to revamp your aesthetic, but a vehicle wrap takes tremendous steps towards protecting your vehicle and retaining more value over time.

Damages occur to your car every day, whether you’re on the road or just parked in the sun. Combat these damages with an affordable, stylist partial vehicle wrap that can be applied DIY or through a professional service. See what the hype is about and get your car wrapped today!

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