Marine/Boat Vinyl Wrap Guide

boston whaler boat wrap

Marine/Boat Vinyl Wrap Guide

boston whaler boat wrap

Introduction to Marine & Boat Vinyl Wraps

Perhaps even more so than cars, boats are exposed to a barrage of elements in their lifetime that eats away at their aesthetic and longevity. This story has a similar ending as, once again, vinyl wraps can be used to keep your boat looking great and save you the headache of complicated maintenance. Venture on with us today as we explore the list of benefits that stem from professional marine vinyl wrapping.

boston whaler boat wrap

Benefits to Professional Vinyl Wrapping

There are some major benefits to professional marine vinyl wrapping that boat enthusiasts gravitate towards, mainly superior protection for their watercraft and endless customization options. Here are the details:

Superior Durability and Protection

Vinyl wraps excel in their ability to shield your boat from numerous agents of damage in and around the water. This includes protection from fading is generated by UV rays compliments of the sun, from little bumps and dings with pilings, as well as other small abrasions that can accumulate throughout the care and use of a boat. 

What’s more, the vinyl provides an easy to clean surface when scum collects and, overall, drastically reduces the amount of maintenance required. Say goodbye to the days of complicated waxing and polishing. And forget about your scaffolding, the vinyl can protect the hull from any sun damage while the boat is out of the water. 

Customization Possibilities

Beyond just the glaring functionality advantages marine vinyl wraps can provide, these wraps are extremely customized giving you ultimate control over your boat’s aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a simple yet cool design, an elaborate aesthetic, or a custom logo to support a business, a professional vinyl wrapper can get that job done for you. With full or partial wraps, get your logos and designs placed exactly where you want them behind the skilled hands of a professional vinyl wrapper. 

Selecting the Right Boat Wrap Material

The world of vinyl has more than one material to pick from when finding the right boat wrap for you. Here are some factors to consider before exploring the different types available.

Factors to Consider

First, consider what you are wrapping. With interior and exterior wrapping options available, you should tailor your material to the job it’s doing. Obviously, a wrap over the hull must be more durable, such as carbon fiber, than the wrap used on the center console. Also, think about the conditions that your boat will operate in. Do you want a design that is super reflective on the water? Are you fishing and want a color that helps disguise your boat in the water more?

Types of Vinyl for Marine Use

In the vinyl market, there are a host of different options to choose that mostly boil down to their colors, finishes, and tints. Hopefully with a general idea for what you want, the popular finishes for marine vinyl include:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Satin

Beyond just the capabilities for customized designs and aesthetics through vinyl finishes, there are a few other options for vinyl on your boat including:

  • Marine protection film
  • Window tint
boston whaler boat wrap2

The Process of Professional Vinyl Wrapping

For the best looking, long lasting results, getting your vinyl wrapping done professionally is the way to go. The wrapping process is tedious to ensure proper vinyl cuts and firm vinyl adhesion. When getting your boat wrapped, you can expect the process to go something like this.

Design Consultation

When wrapping your boat, the first big step is a design consultation with your wrapper. In this meeting, it’s important you communicate exactly what you’re looking for in your wrap. Be prepared with a design or aesthetic you want to see through. Think whether you want your entire boat wrapped or just specific sections. By providing as much relevant detail as you can, you make it easier for the professional to create your vision.

Precision Installation

With a plan created, the vinyl wrapper can get to work on your boat. This starts with a thorough cleaning of your vehicle’s exterior to remove any debris and obstructions that would otherwise prevent a tight seal. From there, the artist will begin to measure and take vinyl cuts.

With the vinyl cut, the application process can begin. Using a heat gun and a squeegee, the wrapper will slowly and methodically work across your boat adhering the vinyl and removing any air bubbles to create a tight fitting seal. This process continues across your desired area as the wrapper ensures all corners are properly sealed and that the wrap is entirely adhered.

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Maintaining Your Vinyl Wrapped Boat

While vinyl wraps are great for maintaining your boat’s look and longevity, they still require regular maintenance for the best results.

Cleaning and Care Tips

Care for marine vinyl wraps is simple in that you just utilize a basic cleaning routine of rinsing your boat. No need for fancy cleaning products, high pressure washes, or elaborate waxes, just performing a thorough hose rinsing will remove any dirt/debris from the outside and leave your wrap ready for life. 

Longevity and Repair

With proper care, marine vinyl wraps can last anywhere from 5 to 7+ years. Regular and thorough cleanings are the best way to extend this lifespan. If damages like scratches appear on your wrap, you can easily have these repaired. A professional would cut and remove a square where the scratch is before measuring and reapplying vinyl over the area.

Vinyl is easy to remove from your boat and won’t cause any damage. The protection aspects of wraps, keeping your boat underneath damage free, while being easy to remove/replace both work to maintain your boat’s value over time. This turns into larger resale value for your watercraft should you choose to sell it or just a great looking boat if you keep it around. 

Final Thoughts on Boat & Marine Wraps

It’s hard to go wrong when you’re selecting a vinyl wrap for your boat. Customize your boat’s aesthetic while providing it with much needed protection all by employing the power of vinyl. Maintain the value of your expensive watercraft and enjoy it for years to come. The choice is an easy one; get your boat vinyl wrapped today!

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