Make Your Car or Work Vehicle Stand Out: A Guide to Choosing Wrap Colors

Range rover with black vinyl wrap and orange accents

Make Your Car or Work Vehicle Stand Out: A Guide to Choosing Wrap Colors


Vehicle wraps, whether for commercial or personal vehicles, provide a tremendous opportunity to completely transform the exterior of your vehicle using a variety of preselected colors and patterns or even a fully customized design. Whether you want to transform the look of your personal car or get your company’s logo plastered on the side of a work vehicle, a vinyl wrap is just what you need! On top of that, car wraps work to provide protection for your car’s exterior and underlying paint, which, in turn, increases the longevity of your vehicle’s appearance and resale value.

Selecting the right color and design for your wrap is essential. Some factors need to be considered during the selection process including the alignment of your wrap with your personal style or professional brand plus exterior factors like environment and climate. We’ll examine some of the popular design choices and some timeless colors as this guide aims to direct you towards the optimal wrap color for you and your vehicle.

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Ford Falcon with matte silver vinyl wrap

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At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with a car wrap! Wraps are cheaper and quicker than paint jobs while also allowing much more as far as customizable options. Whether you want a bold, eye-catching wrap with vibrant colors and a chrome finish or want a professional wrap for your business, wrapping your car is absolutely the answer. Don’t forget to check out our Car Wrap Aftercare blog before you get started to be fully prepared. Create the vehicle of your personal and professional dreams all while protecting your car’s exterior and resale value. It’s a no-brainer, get your vehicle wrapped today!

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