Chrome Delete Guide

Ford Edge with chrome delete vinyl wrap

Chrome Delete Guide

Ford Edge with chrome delete vinyl wrap

Introduction to Chrome Delete

What is Chrome Delete

Chrome deletion is a fantastic way to revamp your car’s look through altering some of the stock accents car manufacturers use. Most cars have chrome accenting around the windows and on the front grill, which provides a standard, unexceptional look. Getting chrome deletion removes these standard accents and instead usually provides a new, darker accent that will make your car stand out as clean, professional, and unique.

Advantages to Chrome Delete

Chrome deletion brings with it some cool advantages that people gravitate towards. This includes aesthetic and customization, but also protection of the chrome underneath, which will better maintain the value of your vehicle. Chrome deletion is an easily reservable process as well, meaning you have great flexibility around your car’s aesthetic.

Assessing Your Vehicle for Chrome Delete

Depending on the car you drive, your ability to chrome delete will vary. Different models will have different areas of chrome that can be deleted. Typically, chrome accents around your windows and on the front grill will be the best places to delete, but each model is on a case to case basis.

Ford F-150:

Ford F-150s are an extremely popular model of car and they have quite a bit of chrome that can be deleted. Along with the standard chrome window accents, F-150 also has a huge grill in front that is the majority chrome, giving plenty of room to chrome delete.

Honda Accord:

The accord is an extremely popular model of car that makes for a great chrome delete candidate. The chrome accents on accords tend to be around the windows and the front grill giving plenty of room for deletion. Especially being such a popular model of car, getting chrome deletion on an accord can really make your car stand out.

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Material Selection for Chrome Delete

Materials Used in Chrome Delete

To achieve the aesthetic provided by chrome deletion, vinyl wraps are often used. This is the easiest, most cost-effective, and replaceable way to achieve this look. There are other methods to chrome delete, though these methods tend to be more permanent and more difficult. Besides vinyl, chrome delete can be accomplished through Plasti Dip or paint.

Color and Finishes Provided by Vinyl

Vinyl is the main choice for chrome deletion due to the variety of colors and finishes that can replace your chrome accents. People gravitate towards the darker colors for their accents, but this isn’t a rule; find an aesthetic that fits your preferences. Within each color, there are also a series of finishes you can apply to further customize the accents including matte, gloss, and metallic finishes.

Maintenance and Care of Chrome Deleted Areas

The best way to maintain chrome deleted areas is with regular hand-cleaning. Machine car washes tend to be too violent on wraps causing damages and tearing away the vinyl from the body of the car. Regular hand-washing will keep your chrome deletion free of debris and other damaging agents that accumulate and tear at the vinyl. 

Be on the look for any vinyl peeling. This indicates a breach in the protection and will serve as a weak spot for further damages and peeling. Have these issues, if they arise, taken care of quickly to extend the longevity of your wrap.

DIY Chrome Delete vs. Professional Services

DIY chrome deletion is certainly possible. The materials and equipment needed to chrome delete are readily available for purchase. However, it takes a detailed-oriented hand to create the best results. 

If you’re concerned about your ability to chrome delete or just don’t have the time to do so, professional services are a great option to use. They will ensure you have a great fit in your vinyl and give a great foundation for longevity in your wrap. With proper installation and care, chrome deletion should last for years if not a decade.

Chrome Delete Conclusion

Chrome deletion is not only a great way to revamp your vehicle’s aesthetic, but also maintain your car’s value through the layer of protection that vinyl provides. Keep your vehicle looking fresh off the dealership! 

Chrome deletion is easy to achieve both DIY or through a professional service. The end product looks great and will last for years to come with proper maintenance! Stop waiting; create your new aesthetic by getting your car chrome deleted today!

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