Wrapping a BMW? Read This First

Zach Wraps and BMW Logo

Wrapping a BMW? Read This First

Zach Wraps and BMW Logo

Why Do People Wrap BMWs?

 Every year, more and more drivers are discovering and employing the services of adhesive vinyl wraps to completely transform the aesthetic of their vehicle. BMW owners in particular are wrapping their cars in large numbers. The huge variety of aesthetics available to wrap with and the protective nature of vinyl, along with the affordable price make investing in vinyl a no brainer!

BMWs generally aren’t cheap, and watching the value depreciate every day can be hard to watch. Between sun damage, rocks on the road, and other drivers, there are a lot of objects that can cause damage to your car. This makes your vehicle look worse and be worth less. A simple vinyl wrap goes a long way towards maintaining a clean look and the value in your car that you paid for.

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When wrapping a vehicle, each model usually comes with their own quirks and features. BMW is no different; here are some popular BMW models and important features involved in the wrapping process:

The 3 Series Sedan is the classic four-door sedan that “started it all”. These cars are everywhere, and therefore a lot of vinyl artists have experience working with them. The quirks on the 3 Series include the complex grill and vents up front, which need to be navigated and sometimes removed to get the best fit from your vinyl.

The color and finish of vinyl is definitely up to personal opinions; it’s your car to drive around. Typically, though, people love to gravitate towards the more “classy” solid colors including whites, blacks, grays, and blues. These dark colors create a high class, intimidating, clean look to your vehicle that will be sure to turn heads when you drive in.

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