Wrapping a Rivian? Read This First

Zach Wraps and Rivian Logo

Wrapping a Rivian? Read This First

Zach Wraps and Rivian Logo

Why People Wrap Rivians?

Just looking at a Rivian gives you a feeling of what the future will be; these electric vehicles look and feel sleek amongst the clunky cars of the past. So when you have one of these automotive masterpieces, drivers like to have a little extra protection. A great way to achieve this protection, along with almost any aesthetic you want, is through adhesive vinyl wraps.

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Vinyl wraps are like a new paint job for the aesthetics you can create. But at the same time, a vinyl wrap will protect your vehicle from dings and scratches while you travel the road, as well as protect from sun damage when your car stays still. This keeps your Rivian looking off-the-dealership new while retaining the most value possible in the car. There are plenty of options within the vinyl world to find something you like for your car; read on to discover the world of Rivian wrapping.

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For a truck that can do it all, the electric RT1 is absolutely incredible! When it comes to wrapping a RT1, experience helps as there are some unique features on this car. The front headlights and front grill area are unlike most other vehicles on the road, something that needs to be accounted for to create a great fit. What’s more, the RT1 has some extra compartments, which work great for extra utility on the vehicle, but also need to be accounted for by the wrapper to make sure there is a seamless fit across all these features.


For an electric SUV that can basically do anything and go anywhere, the R1S is the car for you. When wrapping this vehicle, having experience is once again helpful. The R1S has unique door handles and body paneling that, if not wrapped properly, could serve as points of compromise in the fit of the wrap. Aesthetically, this isn’t good, especially when working with a sleek Rivian.


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