Starlight Liner Guide

Star Light Liner in SUV Roof

Starlight Liner Guide

Star Light Liner in SUV Roof

Introducing Starlight Headliners

Looking for a way to revamp the interior of your car with a unique new style? A Starlight headliner may be exactly what you need; these lights have taken the internet by storm as celebrities and athletes show off their style to the world. Starlight isn’t exclusive just to luxury cars, however, as these days any car make or model can be outfitted with a Starlight headliner at an extremely affordable price!

Defining Starlight Headliners

A Starlight headliner isn’t some fancy paneling that gets installed. Instead, your existing headliner is used alongside a series of fiber optic LEDs woven inside and that appear through specially placed holes to create the dramatic image of the night sky filled with stars. Turn that bland old headliner into a dramatic masterpiece!

The Rise in Popularity

Instagram and other social media are littered with photos of celebrities in fancy cars rocking Starlight headliners. These images are captivating and leave people longing for that look in their own life. This goal is no longer unobtainable; anyone can get their car outfitted with a Starlight headliner!

Red Star Light Liner

Customizing Your Starlight Headliner

Starlight headliners are extremely customizable in a few ways. First, there is a healthy list of star count options ranging from a few hundred to a thousand to give you the choice of how many stars you want in your sky. 

Light Color

The lights themselves are also extremely customizable! You can opt for the standard light package, which allows you to change the color. Other options include standard (color changing) + twinkle lights, color changing + shooting stars, or any other light combination you can find on the market. 

Fabric Replacement

Professional shops often have fabric replacement options available for your headliner. This is another way you can infuse some extra class into your vehicle by choosing between suede, camouflage, or factory style fabric.

Installation Process

Professional vs DIY Installation

For the best results, consulting the work of a professional is usually your best bet. That being said, you can certainly save a few dollars purchasing a package yourself and doing a DIY installation. Keep in mind, installing Starlight is a tedious process, one that benefits from experienced hands.

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Why Use a Shop for Installation?

The difference between a professionally installed starlight liner and one done with inexperienced hands is often immediately apparent. To get a good product requires technical work to ensure there is a good star layout and that the lights sit properly in the holes. The difference between a beautiful night sky in your car and just a string of christmas lights comes down to who is installing; we highly recommend making the safe choice and seeking out the help of a professional shop.

Roof Wraps

Popular Styles

As far as roof wraps go, people tend to gravitate towards the aesthetics of carbon fiber wraps or contrasting colors and designs. Both ways create a new, unique look to your vehicle that presents your choices proudly. Carbon fiber will come in dark grays, while more traditional vinyl wraps can be found with a multitude of colors to choose from.

While not always the most visible part of your vehicle, depending on the size of your car, the roof receives a tremendous amount of wear and tear from the sun above it. A roof wrap is a great way to keep your car looking fresh as ever regardless of time spent outside.

Star Light Liner Job in Progress 1
Star Light Liner Job in Progress 2

Cost and Maintenance

Understanding the Costs Involved

The costs for a Starlight headliner can scale fairly significantly depending on the options you choose. For a package with fewer stars being installed DIY, getting Starlight in your car is only a few hundred dollars. This can scale dramatically such that a headliner filled to the brim with stars and professionally installed can cost a few thousand dollars.

Maintenance Tips

To get the best longevity out of your Starlight headliner, try to avoid as much contact with the system as possible. Be sure not to touch the stars often and to be careful if you are loading larger objects into your car. Be sure to keep liquids away from the lights and wiring, so close those windows when it rains. Letting the lights function unharmed is the way to have long lasting stars.

Starlight Headliners in Different Vehicles

Compatibility with Various Car Models

With advancements in the product, basically any car model made by any manufacturer can be outfitted with a Starlight headliner. The package will change depending on the size of your car and factors like having a sunroof, but there is a Starlight system for your car.

 Impact on Vehicle Aesthetics

When installed correctly, Starlight headliners can totally change the aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior. Capture the dramatic image of the night sky and replicate it inside the comfort of your vehicle as you travel. Improper installation, however, will just look like lights glued to the ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Weighing the Pros and Cons

The pros of a Starlight headliner are fairly straightforward; you can totally transform the interior of your car and capture the essence of the night sky. This can be a truly special look, especially for those awesome photos you’ll be able to take on a night out. 

The cons are fairly clear as well; Starlight headliners can cost a price to buy and have professionally installed. Having proper installation is also key as a sloppy installation can look not great.

Making the Decision

If you want the aesthetic of the starlit night sky inside the comfort of your car, getting yourself a Starlight headliner is absolutely the right move. Professional installation is highly recommended to be sure the final product is perfect! Reimagine your car today with a Starlight headliner!

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