Comprehensive Guide to Car Wrap Removal

Car Wrap Removal and Zach Wrap Logo

Comprehensive Guide to Car Wrap Removal

Car Wrap Removal and Zach Wrap Logo
The trends in car wraps are always shifting and evolving into the next badass look. And unlike paint jobs, car wraps are practical to remove allowing you to rather easily stay up to date with the current looks. That being said, car wraps need to be properly removed; bad removal practices can lead to exterior damages to your vehicle. Are you going to be the person who damaged their car through car wrap removal? Read on to get the important tidbits that will help you safely and securely remove your car wrap.

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Car wraps themselves are essentially an adhesive film that can coat the outside of a vehicle. Material-wise, there are generally two options:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Vinyl

These films come in a litany of colors and patterns, which gives you the ultimate power to customize your vehicle’s aesthetic all while protecting the exterior shell of your car. Car wraps not only make your car look good short term, but your car will also depreciate significantly slower when outfitted with a wrap.

Absolutely. If done incorrectly, there are opportunities to do damage to the underlying paint of your vehicle. This is why we recommend that those old, pesky car wraps that are difficult work to remove best be left to professionals.

Depending on the brand of wrap you have, how well it was installed, and how well you treat it, the typical lifespan for a car wrap is anywhere between four to seven years before they need to be removed and replaced.

Essentially, yes. Replace isn’t quite the right word, but a professional place can rather quickly remove your wrap and install a new one for you to enjoy. With proper removal, you can continuously change your wrap design.


With the right tools and patience, you can DIY remove a car wrap. However, there are instances, such as extreme old age, where wrap removal is best left to professionals for the sake of your car. 

The fact is, vinyl wraps don’t ruin your car’s exterior unless you don’t take the proper care in removal. These same damages that can be caused can further complicate rewrapping your vehicle as well. For best results, professional wrap removal is best. 

If you have an old or damaged car wrap on your vehicle right now, what are you waiting for? Get your tools or contact a professional today! An old car wrap does nothing but become more difficult to remove as time goes on. Get rid of that old wrap and get a new one installed to give your car all new life! 

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